Claire's Top Tips

Things you need to know
about Car Insurance

  • You Can Pay on Your Own Schedule
  • It's the Same for Men and Women
  • Be Careful Where You Keep Your Car
  • Be Careful When You Drive Your Car
  • Be Generous with Your Excess
  • Limit Your Mileage

The car insurance market can be a difficult place to navigate – believe me, I know! It used to drive me insane clicking from site to site and dialling number after number trying to get the best deal. You start to think that there's no such thing as cheap car insurance for UK drivers!

Well there is, and that's why I want to help you to Compare the Car Insurance Market. Shopping around can be really time consuming, but here you can simply compare all your options in one go, saving yourself a lot of time – and even more money!

Just click on the Get Quote button to find the cheapest car insurance prices available to UK drivers. When you Compare the Car Insurance Market it's so easy to sort out the companies that mean business from the ones who want to charge you the earth, and you can get your new car insurance policy and drive away within a few minutes, instead of spending hours on the phone followed by letters through the post.

The best thing about comparing the car insurance market before you take out your policy is that you can find great deals that you'd never have known about. So many car insurance companies take out TV ads and say to go direct, and the truth is that they're never the cheapest, and it's never as easy. Click the Get Quote button and you'll see just how easy it is to save money on your cover when I’m helping you!